|Ultrafragola: Michael van Ofen - Collezione Maramotti; vom: 21.12.2013|


Ultrafragola: Michael van Ofen - Collezione Maramotti

Dauer: ca. 5.30 min

Jason Dodge

Michael van Ofen “GERMANIA UND ITALIA” The Continuance of the Contemporary Collezione Maramotti 6 October 2013 – 31 January 2014 Artistic Testimony of Political Euphoria The correlation between two political entities marking a geographical and cultural delineation in Europe What was first manifest in the writings of Tacitus had not ceased in the fateful concordance that ended in World War II. This exhibition sheds light upon a different period of political synchronicity – the late coming into being of a nation-state in Germany and Italy in the nineteenth century. Illuminating this historical development, objects of artistic testimony have been amassed and reconsidered by Michael van Ofen, a German painter born in 1956. Inherent aspects of these artefacts, explored in comprehensive artistic practice, will serve in this public presentation to offer a notion of the orchestration that joins political might and public euphoria from the past to the present of the contemporary..

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